gohenry Visa Card is issued by ING Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Visa Europe. It is a card designed for children in collaboration with Visa. It an excellent card with parental controls for young people aged 6 to 18.

gohenry Visa Card

gohenry Visa Card Benefits 

  • Parents can top up their child’s card, and set spending rules so they stay in control 
  • Tasks and chores can be set up for your child to complete, to earn extra money 
  • You choose where it can be used, in shops, online or at cash machines 
  • Get real time notifications, that tells you when and where your child is spending 
  • Instantly block and unblock cards at any time (stay safe if it gets mislaid) 
  • As a parent, you can watch your child learn about money via completing tasks, spending responsibly and working towards savings goals 
  • Your child, can make use of the card anywhere the Visa logo is seen, online, on the high street, at cash machines, or even overseas 
  • Since it is a prepaid “Top-up” Card, there’s no risk of debt, overdraft, or expensive mistakes
  • Even if your child is overseas, you can transfer money instantly to their card, so they’ll never find themselves short on cash 
  • invites Relative to pay pocket money into your child’s account
  • Grandparents, can set up accounts for their grandchildren. 

Gohenry Visa Card Fees

  • Monthly Membership Fee per Child – £2.99
  • Loading Money to Your Parent Account (From your bank account)  – 50p

(From your debit card) – 50p

  • goHenry Visa Card Purchases in the UK – FREE 
  • goHenry Visa Card Purchases Abroad – 2.75%
  • Money Withdrawals (From an ATM in the UK)  – FREE 

(From an ATM Abroad) – £2

  • Standard Transfer to Your Bank Account – £5
  • Closing Your Card – FREE 
  • Replacement Card Fee – £3.99

How to Sign Up for gohenry Visa Card 

  • Scroll to https://www.gohenry.co.uk/secure/signup/parent-details
  • Complete the first step as a parent by providing your details. This includes; Your email address, Confirm email address, Your title, Your first name, Your last name, Your mobile number, Create a password, and Promocode. 
  • Tap on the “Continue” link. 
  • In the second phase of the application, you are to provide your children’s details 
  • The third step is about your security info 
  • Finally you are to choose your card design. 

How to Activate gohenry Visa Card 

Login for further instructions on how to activate your card.

How to Login gohenry Visa Card 

  • Visit Login page https://www.gohenry.co.uk/secure/login
  • Type in your Email or Username 
  • Enter your PIN or Password 
  • Click on the “Log in” link. 

How to Recover Password or Email Address/Username


  • Visit https://www.gohenry.co.uk/secure/forgot-details
  • Type in your email address or username
  • Tap on the “Send me the link”
  • link sent to reset password.

Email Address/Username 

  • Type in your First name, Last name, DOB
  • Tap on the “Show me” link, to receive email address or username.

gohenry Visa Card Customer Service Number 

Call: 0330 100 7676, for general information and enquiries on gohenry Visa Card. 

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