Cross Country credit card is issued by Applied Bank. It offers cardholders some decent benefits, that makes their card acquisition much more rewarding. Cross Country credit card, has no annual fee charge, attached to it. It has no charge, on rental insurance and also doesn’t need income statement verification.Cross Country Credit Card

Cross Country Credit Card Benefits

  • Cross country card, charges no annual fee for card usage.
  • Offers 24 hours online access
  • Allows purchase to be made, in case of injury or any illness
  • Offers good customer service.

Cross Country Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee – None charged
  • Balance Transfers – Allowed

How to Apply for Cross Country Credit Card

To apply for Cross Country card, and get approved, applicants must do the following;

  • Proceed to the application home page of the Applied Bank
  • Tap open the application form page, and go thru the cards benefits
  • The next thing you are required to do, is to provide the following information; First name, Last name, Business email, Phone number, Company name
  • After that, tap “Claim my page” and go thru the reviews provided
  • Tap “Continue” to proceed with your application.

How to Check Cross Country Credit Card Status

To check your Cross Countrycard application, call at (800) 947-1090

How to Activate Cross Country Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired Cross Country credit card, call at 1-843-479-2403. Once you activate your credit card, you can use it in specific stores.

How to Login Cross Country Credit Card

  • To login Cross Country credit card, proceed to the login page of Cross Country Card
  • Supply your correct email address or mobile number
  • Click “Sign in”, to access Cross Country Card account

How to Recover Username or Password

  • To recover your Username or Password, scroll to the “Forgot password” link
  • Supply the following requested information, which includes; Card number, Expiry date
  • Click on “Submit” and log in your Cross Country Card account details

How to make Cross Country  Bill Payment

Your Cross Country bill payment can be made, by signing into your account. After you are logged in, you will locate a payment tab, to make your Cross Country card payment

Cross Country Customer Service Number

Call: 1-843-479-2403, or visit the customer service page of the Cross Country to gain access to a customer service agent.

Cross Country , also offers a 24 hours online and offline service from their customer service department.

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