Cash Magnet Card is issued by American Express. It is a no annual fee card, offers you $150 back,  as you spend $1,000 or more on purchases with your new card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.

Cash Magnet Card

Cash Magnet Card Benefits

  • Cardholders, earn $150 back,  after they spend $1,000 or more on purchases with their new card within the first 3 months of Card Membership
  • Earn an additional $100 back once you spend an additional $6,500 in purchases within your first 12 months
  • Cash backs are received in the forum of a statement credit
  • No annual fee charge.

Cash Magnet Card  Fees /Rates

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Balance Transfer Fee – $5 or 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee  – $5 or 3%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee  – 2.7%
  • Late  Payment Fee  – Up to $38
  • Returned Payment Fee    Up to $38
  • Overlimit Fee  – None
  • Purchases APR Rate  – 0% for the first 15 months
  • Balance Transfers APR    0% for the first 15 months
  • Cash Advances APR  Rate    27.24% (Variable)
  • Penalty APR Rate  – 29.99.

How to Apply for Cash Magnet Card

To apply for, and get approved for The Cash Magnet card®, applicant must do the following;

  • Scroll to American Express Application Page
  • On the webpage in the fields provided, enter the following details; Email address, Legal business name, Business name on card, Business address line 1, Business address line 2, Zip code, Business phone number, Industry type, Company structure, Years in business, Number of employees, Annual business revenue, Estimated monthly spend, Federal tax ID, Role in company
  • Tap on the “Continue” link, to complete the first phase of the application process.

How to Activate Cash Magnet Card

To activate your newly acquired Cash Magnet Card®, do the following;

  • Scroll to the American Express activation page
  • Key in your 4-digit Card ID, and 15-digit Card Number
  • Tap on the “Confirm” link

Cash Magnet Card Login

  • Scroll to American Express login page
  • Key in your User ID and Password
  • Tap on the “Log In” link.

How to Recover Cash Magnet Card User ID/Password

  • Scroll to American Express login page
  • Tap on the “Forgot Password and User ID link
  • On the new page you are redirected to, key in the following;
  • 15-digit number on the front of your card
  • 4-digit Card ID
  • Tap on the “Continue” link to proceed further.

How to Make Cash Magnet Card Bill Payment

  • Scroll to American Express Web portal
  • Locate the payment tab
  • Choose a convenient payment option,  and make your bill payment.

Cash Magnet Card Customer Service Number

Call: 1-800-528-2122, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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