Best Student Credit Card 2019 | Review

Best Student Credit Card 2019

Best Student Credit Card 2019, these cards are designed to help students build their credit all thru post-secondary. This, is adjudged as one of the ways a student can start building his/her credit. These cards, are no (or low)  fee credit cards, and also cards that offer the best credit solution to students on a budget.

Best Student Credit Card 2019

Why Should I Get a Student Credit Card? 

  • Acts as a tool you can use to establish your credit history 
  • Helps you prepare for a number of responsibilities you will have later in life like, renting an apartment, financing a vehicle or buying a home. 
  • Because of the cards no (or low) annual fees, as well as low credit limits, it makes it easy for you to access purchases, establish your credit history and build good money managing habits. 

Best Student Credit Cards 2019

Discover it® Student Cash Back 

This card is an ideal card for students who wants cash back as well as build credit at the same time. 

Card Features 

The following features, makes the Discover card a great pick for students. 

  • As a cardholder you get $20 statement credit each school year, that you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, for up to 5 years. 
  • Cash back is earned on every purchase, with higher rates in specific categories that change each quarter 
  • You can double cash back the first year
  • Rewards do not expire. 
  • It is a no annual fee card, which makes it a favorite cashback card for students. 

OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card (For Students with no Credit) 

This card, is ideal for students who are new to the United States or brand new to credit. It is also the best credit card option for students with zero credit history, as it helps their credit score. 

Card Features 

  • You can get approved even with poor credit history 
  • Students can use this card, to build their credit 
  • Limits up to $3,000.

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One (For Students with Average Credit) 

If you are new to credit, then The Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One® is just the perfect card for you. This card, also helps students who want to earn cash back on their spending while building credit

Card Features 

  • Get approved even with a negative credit history 
  • Charges no annual fee or foreign transaction fees 
  • Enables you earn cash back. 

There you have the best student credit card for 2019 that can help you as a student to build your credit. 

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