5 Ways to Safeguard & Protect Your Credit Card

5 Ways to Safeguard Credit Card

Credit card identity theft is one thing you should try to avoid if you are a credit card holder. Credit card safety, is an essential part you have to understand as engage with your credit card for purchases and other things. Here, we bring you 5 ways of protecting your credit card against fraud.


5 Ways to Safeguard Credit Card

Make sure your devices and networks are secured 

You are advised, to secure your digital information by ensuring the following;

  • Ensure that your computer is securely equipped with a firewall, and also change the password, and keep the firewall turned on. 
  • Updates, should be downloaded and installed to your operating system, software and browser whenever there is a new update alert. 
  • Install security software like anti-virus, which can protect your computer from dubious code, and anti-spyware, which forestalls people from monitoring your account activities. Avoid downloading programs or files from unknown places. 

Quickly report lost cards and suspected fraud 

If your card gets lost or stolen or you suspect any fraudulent activity on your credit card, you are to quickly contact your bank or credit card issuer without delay. Your credit card issuer, will help block your card and account number to avoid anyone using them. A card and account number, will be issued to you. 

Safeguard your password 

Avoid making your password public by logging out of any public computer that is not yours once you are done. Create passwords, that are complex, combining letters and numbers. Create passwords that are not easy to guess, avoid using details like (family member names or birthdays) or important details like (bank account or social security numbers). You are also advised to periodically change and pick different passwords for every account. Note; avoid using the same password for your bank account and retail sites. 

Frequently review your account 

Frequently review your account activity to protect your credit card. You can easily review your account activity either by phone or online. You can sign up for emails or text alerts about unusual activity if your credit card issuer offers one. Victims of fraud or identity theft in the past, can consider signing up with a credit-monitoring service. 

Protect your account number 

You can protect your number in various ways to avoid credit card thieves from getting their hands on your credit card number. 

  • Don’t allow anyone see your number when you are out in public. 
  • Avoid giving your card details over the phone unless you initiated the call and you’re talking to a bank or merchant you trust. 
  • Don’t answer an email that prompts you for your account number or personal details, no matter how genuine it looks. 
  • Try hooking up with paperless statements and make payments online to remove your sensitive details from the postal system. You are also advised to shred documents with sensitive personal information before you disposal. 

Your credit card is an important part of your life thus, you are to protect it anywhere you can. Avoid displaying a picture of your credit card online as all this can endanger your credit card security. Get started today and secure your credit card. 

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